A documentation and demonstration site for concrete5 addons and themes by JohntheFish.  (For concrete5.6 addons and documentation, please see c5magic.co.uk.)


Apply dropdown button templates to core Autonav and other navigation blocks. Easily configure associated button icons, text and design from a new 'Button Design' option in the block edit dropdown.
A suite of extreme cleanups to remove obsolete data. Run from the dashboard or as an automated job.
Intelligently show the time a page was last updated.
What could be simpler than just inserting a block where you want to start a new tab? Just insert Magic Tabs between any other blocks and your page will magically split into tabs.
Package Magic provides a suite of tools to automate package archive generation, validation, management and deployment.
Many of my more advanced packages use a sophisticated plugin mechanism for easy expansion, both within the package and across packages.
A comprehensive reviews and ratings package. Currently supports reviewing of Pages and Images. Extensible to review other types.
Highlight sections of code or markup within any block you can write fragments of code into, whatever the programming or markup language.


A theme that replicates the styling of the concrete5 Dashboard pages. Anything from management information to a built in user guide can often be better expressed when visually associated with the dashboard rather than the primary theme of your site.
A blank page theme with absolutely no css or styling. It is useful for embedding pages in iframes and also convenient for testing blocks in an unpolluted environment.